Sandy Gallin understands how creating a beautiful home and sharing it with family and friends can strengthen relationships and literally bring you a better quality of life and happiness.

It is now an attainable possibility to have a home designed by Sandy.

Sandy has spent the past forty years entertaining an elite showbiz crowd in the forty-seven homes he designed, built, lived in and eventually sold — homes in Beverly Hills, Malibu and recently, the Hamptons.

As he created these magnificent environments, known for their dramatic staging and cozy, livable luxury, his friends kept asking him to design their houses.

What started as a sideline stress-relieving hobby, eventually flourished into a significant second career seven years ago, when Jeffrey Katzenberg officially hired Sandy to supervise the architecture, construction, landscaping and decorating of his Bel Air estate.

Sandy recently expanded his design business on both U.S. coasts and can provide a range of design services from the supervision of an entire building project from inception to completion, managing every detail of manpower on the project, to interior design direction and services.

Consultations are possible.


To discuss your project and arrange a consultation, please contact Sandy at or call him at (+1) 323‑656‑0928